Monday, March 29, 2010

Reasons Today was Great

  • I ordered seeds for this years garden
  • Lilah looks beautimus in her new dresses
  • We were invited to Earth Munch
  • I saw Granny and Jim
  • We hopefully will be feeding the masses at the Nelsonville Music Festival
  • Lilah napped
  • I sold cheese curds to Jackie O's !!!!!
  • We donated cheese to a great cause.
  • I talked to my wonderful cousin Kristine
  • My mom told me she got me a new skirt.
  • Potato Soup
  • We were named peoples choice favorite creamery at the IFO conference. (this didn't happen today, but I did find out today)
  • I caught up on emails and changed the inflations on the milkers. both overdue.
I am ignoring all of the reasons today wasn't great, and still trying to wake up Nick so I can top it all off with The United States of Tara.

Night all

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