Monday, March 1, 2010

Pizza Night

Thought I would try a pizza (or three) with a couple of our new cheeses, Farmsteader and Chedgar.

Shredding the cheese just takes a minute, I'm experienced with a box grater.

The crust was easy, a package with some flax seed mixed in.

Sausage, yum. Raised, butchered, seasoned, ground, fried and eaten all here on the farm.

Olives and Mushrooms, need I say more. Oh, how bout I'm too lazy to walk to the freezer for banana peppers.

My pizza assembly man, young man.

Ready to go, except I forgot the sausage. Taking pictures throws me off. I got it on before it was too late.

Ready to eat.

Him too.

Me too.

1 comment:

  1. :-)

    love your humor.

    I, too, am sometimes too lazy to walk to the freezer.