Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Many Topics

It is pretty sad when Mom wants a snow day more than the kids do. Actually I would like a 2 hour delay; it would allow me a bit more sleep in the morning. It’s only 9 pm and I am already anticipating how tired I will be tomorrow. It’s been a long day here. I made/ am making fresh cheddar curds today. Someone tell me why? No, I know why, they taste good and sell good, but they are the hardest thing I make. I shouldn’t say that, when I make curds all of the work happens in one day that is why it seems harder, they go from milk to cheese, packaged and ready to sell in just one day. When I make hard cheese I just spread all the work out over a longer period of time. So I guess it’s not harder, just different. I took the slabs out of the vat, but still need to get them milled (cut up) and packaged tonight. I’m taking a break to get the kids in bed (as ready as I am for Lilah to stop nursing, I think if she does I may never get to sit down again) and blog, simultaneously. I finished reading the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder tonight. It was great, right up their ally. I’m so lucky the boys have the attention span for chapter books, it makes reading to them so much more enjoyable for me.

I am excited to flavor the curds tonight. I got my order from frontier co-op today, a huge box of spices. Yes I get excited about spices, especially these; they are all organic and most are fair trade too. I can’t get over how reasonable they are priced too. I mixed up the seasoning for the Cincinnati Chili Curds this morning, I added some dried tomato’s to the mix, I know they say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, but I’m tweaking. No harm in that. I am going to do taco flavored curds tonight as well. I’m looking forward to trying that one, and then the staples, BBQ and Ranch, making them too. Well now that you know tonight’s agenda, I guess I can get to it. Maybe, if Lilah ever goes to sleep.

I would like to start adding pictures to my blog posts, and I will, I just need a new cord to connect the camera to the pc. I will blame the kids for the state of the current cord. When the cord stopped working, I took it as a sign I needed a new camera, it was just wishful thinking though. A new cord is only going to cost me five dollars somehow that doesn’t justify replacing the whole camera.

I got wonderful news today too. I love the song “Ohio” by Over the Rhine and thought it would be great if we could use it on our website so I emailed them for permission. Permission granted. I received a thoughtful and complimentary email from Karin. I will get the link and the song up asap.

It’s snowing outside and any inclement weather out here puts a damper on my communications, it slows up or stops my internet connection and does the same to the school bus and back in the day, when we were shipping milk, the milk truck too. Another reason I am grateful for the cheese house, I don’t have to worry about the milk truck making it in and out. We just have to get the milk moved across the road. Come rain or snow or sleet or hail Nick Nolan will move milk, he is handy like that.

Well I’ve got the baby in bed and the internets back. Better get to it.

Night all

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