Thursday, February 18, 2010

Without Topic

I've thought all evening about what I should write about here tonight, I guess I should have started thinking about it earlier, because I haven't came up with anything yet. At some point I would like to give you some back story about the farm and our family but I'm not feeling to inspired tonight.

Nick and I went to a meeting about Gallia county's new farmers market, it was encouraging and for all of you locals, I will share information as it becomes available I have nothing to report as of yet.

Attending a meeting did mean that I made it up over the hill and out the end of the road. It was the first time in 6 days, and I really wasn't to stir crazy, I probably could have made it till Monday, but I was glad to get a few groceries. We raise and grow most of our food, but I still need Foodland to keep me in junk food.

I still have lots to do to get ready for Saturday's market in Athens. I have to cut and package cheese and get our coolers ready. Sounds easy, but it is a time consuming job. Tomorrow is a make day out in the cheese house and I plan to try a new recipe. I am going to make a raw milk monteray jack. In the past I have made a non aged pasteurized monteray jack that was good, but not great. I really think using the raw milk makes all the difference. The cheese has so much more flavor, better texture, and melts better. One of the other benifts of using raw milk is that it doesn't take near as much energy. We heat our home, the cheese house, all of our hot water and the milk with a wood fired boiler. Cutting firewood is a never ending task, and the raw milk cheeses use less wood. One of the harder things about making cheese is the waiting. I won't know how this cheese I make tomorrow will turn out until the middle of April. Talk about delayed gratificaiton. This may be helping me with my paticence.

Edgar and Hunter will be going back to school tomorrow. Hunter is looking forward to it, school is like a vacation from farm work, and Edgar, well he's never ready to go, but he get's to miss breakfast because of the delay, so he does have that to look forward too.

Hopefull I will get into a blogging groove and have something worth reading to say. I encourge you to comment and or question me. often.


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