Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It has been a busy and exciting couple of days here on the farm. I say on the farm but most of the excitement has came from the computer here in my living room. Where to begin? I know, the beginning. I met Andrea Levasseur in dance class in Bay City Michigan when I was 4 years old.... Ok maybe that is to far back. Andrea and I have been friends forever, we are not the kind of friends who talk everyday, but we keep up. Andrea and her husband Todd Tue first visited us on the farm long before we started full time farming. Over the years they have been here a few times and every time they were we discussed shooting a documentary about the farm. We talked goals and music and message, but it was mostly talk. Until the last visit. It was right after we got our cheese making license. Todd brought cameras and equipment and we were doing it, shooting footage for a documentary. Todd and Andrea captured us, doing what we do. It is a good thing it happened fast and when we were crazy busy so I didn't have time to worry about my hair or what I looked like, looking back I wish I had at least considered it. Now we have a start, but it is just that a start. Todd and his production company Milk Products Media have launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a full fledged feature Documentary about our farm and our newest endeavor, turning grass into cheese. It's exciting, well everything is exciting, the cheesmaking, the cheese selling, but mostly the positive feedback on our cheese, our goals, our family, our farm. I feel renewed, spring is coming. So watch our video if you haven't or watch it again just for fun.



  1. I've been spreading the word through my blog and my circle of colleagues here in New Orleans. I'm encouraging everyone to visit your website and donate to get the documentary made. I sooo want this story to be told so everyone can benefit. I'm getting me some cheese even if I I have to go to The Village Bakery to try some!

  2. If you are going to come all this way to try cheese, you ought to come to the farm.